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Welcome to Armchair Athlete's pro football season for 2010.  This year we will including free handicapping of all pro football games beginning with Week 6 and continuing through Week 16.  All of the features that were in our Pro Football site during previous years have been retained.  To the left please find links to current lines & scores, our sports pages, other pages found to be beneficial, and information about us.  To the right please find boxes for current sports news.

The Pro Football page features preseason futures total win over/under predictions for all 32 teams, weekly ranking of teams, links to the weather forecasts for each of the cities hosting an NFL team, and commentary.  Also, you will find selections against the spread of every NFL game from Week Six through Week Sixteen that are released Saturday.  Our record against the spread since 1995 is also for view.  Lastly, you can graphically compare at the 'Armchair vs. Dow' link how our system compares when pitted against the Dow Jones Industrial Average where equal amount of $2,000 were invested in 1995. 














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Be sure to check out our web page over the course of the NFL season.  Our ATS predictions, based on computer statistical analysis,  are now available.  To see them click here.


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